Criticism From Muslims As Mohamed Salah Post Christmas Pic

Mohamed Salah christmas
Mohamed Salah post cover

Mohamed Salah’s Christmas post family pictures, and he has gone on to receive criticism from his fellow Muslims. Liverpool’s football club star, Mohamed Salah shares a Christmas post on his social media. Mohamed Salah loves Christmas, this is a rather surprising phrase but, the Egyptian for the second time in a row has extended the season’s greetings to his Christian supporters around the world.

The post has once again received mixed reactions. Some Muslims have condemned the act and cited religious reasons for doing so. Similarly, last year Mohamed Salah made a Christmas post. And it received familiar reception. The post shows Salah with his lovely family. Damned the consequences and criticisms, Mohamed Salah loves Christmas and so do many.

Mohamed Salah loves a christmas post.
Mohamed Salah with his family in a Christmas post

It is a love affair between Mo and Christmas. The criticism received from the previous year has not made Salah stop. He loves his Christian supporters and he’s not shy of partaking in the festivities.

The UEFA Champions League winner returns to action with Liverpool football club on boxing day. The Reds will be hosted by Aston Villa at Villa Park. English Premier League resumes after a one-month break for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Although Salah and Egypt didn’t qualify, the winger had extra days of preparation.

Mohamed Salah, a three-time Premier League Golden boot winner has always tried to appeal to his Christian supporters around the world and there’s no better time to do so than Christmas.

Many Muslims have made their displeasure known and in the comment section of Salah’s Twitter post, you can see such. Below you can have a glimpse of what his Twitter post comment section looks like.

Screenshot from twitter as Mohamed Salah christmas post recieves criticism from muslims
Screenshot of what Salah’s Twitter post looks like
Screenshot from twitter as Mohamed Salah christmas post recieves criticism from muslims
Screenshot of Salah’s Twitter post comment section

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