10 Best Davido Songs In His Career So Far

Davido Best songs cover
Davido Best songs cover

Today, we’re looking back on the 10 best Davido songs for Davido fans in Nigeria, and across the world to vibe to. If only they are capable of disentangling their fingers from Wizkid FC’s throats soon enough to acknowledge this throwback.

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer who has made a significant contribution to the globalization of the Afrobeats genre. In this article, we’ve highlighted his biography, and net worth, as well as a countdown of his 10 sick songs.

Davido started his music career in 2011 and since then has become one of the biggest names in the African music industry. The “30BG” leader spearheads Davido Worldwide Entertainment Limited under an exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

This Davido top 10 best songs list spans a decade and covers all his projects. From “Omo Baba Olowo” to his latest album, “A Better Time.” Before we dig into some of the best Afrobeats songs by Davido, let’s touch base with his biography and net worth.

Davido’s Biography And Net Worth

Davido was born on November 21, 1992, so as of January 30, 2023, he is 30 years old. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, USA to Nigerian parents, his father Adedeji Adeleke, a billionaire business magnate and philanthropist, and his mother Vero Adeleke.

At the time of publishing this article, Davido’s estimated net worth is around $60 million. So if you’re wondering what Davido’s net worth is, you should know the man is very wealthy.

With a private jet, fleets of luxurious cars, mansions in different countries, and other equities. Although his net worth is unverified his lifestyle on social media tends to back his claims.

As an afrobeats artist who has been on the scene for over a decade, the audience he gathers in concerts is massive. Since he came to the limelight, Davido has dropped several hit songs. The majority of popular songs by Davido have equally achieved international success for the short duration of his career.

In no particular order, we will be peeking at 10 of Davido’s best songs. Also included in this list are some all-time Davido best songs that fans will never stop raving about.

1. “If

There is literally no song by Davido where he isn’t crooning about his funds and ‘hot bod’ and IF was no exception. “IF” was at the top of the charts in 2017, and was a massive hit in Nigeria and across Africa. The song’s catchy chorus and upbeat rhythm quickly made it a fan favorite, and it remains one of Davido’s most popular songs to this day.

The song which was produced by “Tekno” also received diamond certification in South Africa. Clubs and event places across Nigeria played the song endlessly. Davido’s “If” was part of the songs which changed the afrobeats soundscape.

2. “Fall

Fall” made its debut in 2017 and equally became one of the biggest African songs of that year. The song made a reasonable amount of waves in the United States. People were calling on radios requesting Davido’s “Fall” to be played.

Banana Fall on you” was a catchy phrase among Davido’s fans. As well as Afrobeats fans on social media, and across the board. Fall was produced by “KDDO” and as of the time this article was written, the music video on youtube has amassed over 256 million views. This is his highest music video views for a song.

3. “Blow My Mind” (feat. Chris Brown)

Many Nigerians were ecstatic about the release of this song in 2019 since it was a duet with an international artist. A major collaboration between Davido and American R&B singer Chris Brown gave rise to Blow My Mind. It was their brainchild, and it was as sick as they come.

The song’s fusion of Afrobeats and R&B sounds made it a hit with fans all over the world. It also remains one of Davido’s most popular international collaborations. The song was produced by “Oluwaseyi Akerele.”

4. “Aye”

Aye” was released in 2014. “She no want designer, she no want Ferrari // She say na my love o” was Davido claiming the type of love his women got for him. As they are not with him for material gains. “Aye” is undoubtedly one of Davido’s best songs. T Spize produced this timeless song.

5. “Fem”

A popular Yoruba slang in Nigeria that literally translates to ‘shut up’, was the highlight of the dreadful covid period. It was soothing to hear; almost as if Davido was berating the disease, but Nigerians know better. A certain Odogwu might have something to do with it.

The song came after Davido took a break from the afrobeats music scene. Many fans believe “Fem” to be a diss track to Burna Boy and detractors in the industry.

The song was produced by “Napji.”

6. “Risky” (feat. Popcaan)

This song is everything the title suggests. Full of the possibility of danger or shall we say, dangerous women. Risky (feat. Popcaan) was released in 2019, and was a collaboration between Davido and Jamaican dancehall star Popcaan.

The song’s fusion of Afrobeats and dancehall sounds made it a hit with fans all over the world, and it remains one of Davido’s most popular songs.

The song was produced by Prosper “Speroach Beatz” Obi.

7. “Skelewu”

If you didn’t dance to the knee-bending “Skelewu” song, you were definitely a buzzkill back then. The song was released in 2013 and quickly became one of Davido’s biggest club bangers. The song’s upbeat rhythm and catchy beat made it danceable.

The song came out with a dance step which many quickly learned and showcased. It is one of Davido’s biggest songs.

8. “Wonder Woman”

Seeing as the 2017 DC Comics movie of the same name got wide critical acclaim for illustrating the strength of its main character. We are quite skeptical if Davido drew some insights from this movie for his song.

Although, “Wonder Woman” is nothing like the DC Comics movie. It was produced in 2018 by “Teekay Witty.” it received a very warm reception. The powerful message the song was passing was hailed and welcomed.

Davido paid tribute to all the wonderful women in his life. And the song’s visuals laid more emphasis on the message, as Davido displays his baby mamas, including other notable Nigerian and African women.

The song was

9. “Dami Duro”

In 2012, “Dami Duro” was the biggest song in the “Omo Baba Olowo” album— Davido’s debut album. This was Davido’s announcement to the afrobeats and African music stage.

With countless plays in every club and most households across Nigeria, Dami Duro was on steady repeat. It was that big of a hit track. Davido’s longtime friend and producer, Shizzi was the mastermind behind this hit record production. In the song opening you can hear Davido calling his producer’s name, “Shizzy.”

10. “Assurance ”

“Assurance” easily became one of Davido’s biggest hits in 2018 following its release. The music video starring Davido and Chioma was a tribute to Chioma’s 23rd birthday. The song got everyone talking at the time of its release. All the lovey-dovey displays between Davido and Chioma also went public on social media platforms.

Assurance was the official announcement to state Davido and Chioma’s relationship. The song was produced by “Speroachbeatzz.”

In conclusion, Davido is a talented musician who has made a significant impact on the African music scene. From “Dami Duro” to “Jowo”, his songs are a testament to his musical abilities and his ability to create hit after hit.

That’s it for the list of best Davido songs, let us know which was or still is your favorite, and if we missed any.

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