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It can only be the stuff of dreams, Ajebo Hustlers Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP (Extended Play) is a good project. ‘Dreams’ happens to be the first song off a seven (7) tracks EP. The duo made up of George Dandeson and Isaiah Precious has been around for a while. And their 2021 album, Kpos Lifestyle, Vol 1 gave them a much-needed foundation to build on. Bad Boy Etiquette 101 has received positive reactions and the criticism has been little or nonexistent at all.

Furthermore, Apple Music’s pre-add link to Bad Boy Etiquette 101 was posted on their Twitter page on Nov 21, 2022. It became available on Spotify on Dec 9, 2022.

Ajebo Hustlers Bad Boy Etiquette 101 cover
Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP cover
Ajebo Hustlers Bad Boy Etiquette 101 Tracklist
Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Tracklist

However, George Dandeson aka Knowledge is the rapper among the two and his use of street slangs and ebonics are nothing short of excellent. Meanwhile, Isaiah Precious, also known as Piego, discharges the duty of crafting and delivering melodious hooks. His singing ability is remarkable. Ajebo Hustlers originate from Port Harcourt and it is a key recipe in their music.

Over the years, several sub-genre has been carved out of Afrobeats; from Afropop to afro-fusion. Ajebo Hustlers have a unique style.

Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP Reviews & Ratings

Diving into the reviews and ratings of Ajebo Hustlers’ Bad Boy Etiquette 101, we must note this is the opinion of the writer, one he has every right to have. Therefore, it is important to note that reviews and ratings are not influenced by public opinion even if it is helpful at times. Furthermore, the metric for this rating is over 10 (ten), with 10 being the highest number any of the songs from the EP under review can score.


Dreams is Bad Boy Etiquette 101 EP opener. We definitely can hear “making bastard money” echoed by Piego’s high-pitched voice on Niphkey’s minimalist beat. Additionally, Knowlegde’s crafty ways of manipulating words were not lacking in his rap, spitting lines like “drunk in success, until I pass out” and how fake sentiments are pushed with the line, “Them go tell you love and light even for blackout.”

It’s the same unique artistic tendencies of wit, unadulterated Nigerianism, and slangs that echo of their Port Harcourt roots and even kaleidoscopic, vibe tendencies that made their debut project, Kpos Lifestyle Vol. 1 one of the best albums of 2021. 7.2/10.

In Love (feat. Fave)

Fave melodious voice imposes some candor in the hook she sang. The classic sentiment of love is a transformative experience in one’s life and how it can alter one’s mannerisms for both good and better. Piego and Knowledge take turns in their respective verses, confessing how strong their lover’s vice has on them. It’s truthful and intimate. It’s different from the normal ordeals artists have often narrated in their songs. 7.8/10.

Ajebo hustlers pose for a studio picture
Knowledge (left) and Piego (right) of Ajebo Hustlers


Kisses have the same topical progression, but it deviates into a jaded alley. Piego opens the song, by wailing about how sour his love has become and how it’s now disenchanting and not as magical as before. Knowledge on the other hand is even more bitter, likening his lover’s sexual antics to being as accessible as “general market.” Apparently, the lover in question is quite promiscuous and the duo has all but given up on her vices. Evidently, the beat is incorporated with some beautiful electric-acoustic guitar instrumentation, that serves as a great sonic backdrop to Piego’s vocals. 8.1/10.

No Love (18 Plus) 

No Love follows the same template as the duo’s biggest mainstream moment in Loyalty. Upbeat tempo, visceral bass beats, and warm piano keys. They seem to be creating a similar moment here and with the help of Mayorkun, there is some much-needed diversity and dynamism that raises the potential of the song. Similarly, praises have come Mayorkun’s way for his ability to deliver on a collabo. He tends to bring an invaluable synergy to the fore whenever he is on wax with another artiste. 7.8/10.

No Peace (Violence) 

If Bad Boy Etiquette 101 was a vehicle certainly ‘No Peace‘ would be the sprocket-wheel as the song reminds listeners of the duo’s tendencies to be a vibe-machine. It’s not the most coherent song, but the swagger at which they deliver said incoherent lyrics and follow them up with more coherent ones—is where the appeal lies. 8.5/10.

Burn My Cable

Finally, as the curtains of Bad Boy Etiquette 101 draw on Burn My Cable, an afro-drill track with highlife-esque guitar synth pads, they glide smoothly like surfers surfing over wide torrents of water. It’s another stereotypical story of a love interest being more hassle than they should be. But the appeal is once again in the dynamism. 8/10.

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