Barack Obama Shares Favourite Music Of 2022

Barack Obama's favourite music 2022
Barack Obama

Former US President, Barack Obama has shared a playlist of his favourite music of 2022 and afrobeats was not excluded. In a Twitter post, the Senator shared a playlist that included all of his favourite music during the year. In this post, we’ll share Barack Obama’s favourite music of 2022.

One may ask, what music does Obama listen to? Barack Obama loves Afrobeats, R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop among many others. It’s been the Senator’s habit to share his favourite music, movies and books at the end of every year. Considering this isn’t the first time he’s posted an end-of-the-year playlist. Similarly, in December 2021 he made a post of all his favourite music for that year.

In 2022, Barack Obama has gone on to share a playlist of his favourite music. The playlist includes songs from big profile artists like; Beyonce’s Break My Soul, Kendrick Lamar’s The Heart Part 5, as well as debutant Bad Bunny’s Tití Me Preguntó.

Barack Obama who’s very much aware of contemporary music and its genre has a thing for afrobeats. A playlist that consists of twenty-five (25) songs includes three afrobeats songs from popular Nigerian artists.

Barack Obama's Favourite Music Of 2022 artwork
Barack Obama’s Favourite Music Of 2022

We’re not surprised that Burna Boy’s Last Last, Rema’s Calm Down, and Ayra Starr’s Rush made it to Obama’s favourite music. They’re among the best 2022 afrobeats songs and not to mention all three artists are of Nigerian descent.

Without a doubt, Afrobeats’ inclusion on the list of Barack Obama’s favourite songs of 2022 expresses a deeper connection with his African roots. Although no Kenyan songs made the list, it’s still exciting to note that African music is relevant across boards.

The afrobeats genre has gained notable recognition across the world. With steady waves and competition on the global music stage. Millions of people all over the world stream African music on major streaming platforms. The exposure that the afrobeats industry is garnering not only brings the genre to the fore, it equally drives attention to other significant sectors of the continent.

Barack Obama’s Favourite Movies Of 2022

Barack Obama's Favourite Music Of 2022 artwork
Barack Obama’s Favourite Music Of 2022

The following list of movies are what former President Obama termed “great movies.”

Barack Obama’s Favourite Books Of 2022

Here are Barack Obama’s Favourite Books Of 2022.

Barack Obama's Favourite Books Of 2022 artwork
Barack Obama’s Favourite Books Of 2022

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