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My Ex- Husband Wants Me Back Novel pdf
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My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Novel Synopsis

Charlotte Scott had no interest in money and fame. She married Griffith Wilson out of love.
However, their marriage only lasted three years and she became a laughing stock after the divorce.
The couple faced each other for the last time at the Courthouse.
“Take the compensation and get lost from my life. Don’t even think about getting back together.”
Griffith remained indifferent. Charlotte put on her sunglasses and smiled faintly.
“We are never getting back together. Ever! Whoever comes begging to get back together is no different from a dog!
“Was it not great to be a wealthy and attractive single woman?

Later on, not only did Charlotte gain success in her career and inherit a fortune worth tens of billions of dollars from the Scott Family,
but she had so many men pursuing her that they could line up the street until the end of the block.
One night, she received an unexpected call. “Hey, Charlotte…””Who is this?””…Woof woof…”

“Alright,” Charlotte responded and got out of the car.
She noticed two maids whispering to each other when she entered through the door. They
quickly dispersed as soon as they saw her. Charlotte ignored them. Feeling exhausted, she
went upstairs and rested. When she woke up in a daze and came downstairs to get some
water, she overheard a conversation.
“Mrs. Wilson is really pitiful. She still has no idea that her husband has an illegitimate
child,” one of the maids whispered.
“It’s not easy getting married into a wealthy family after all,” the other replied.
Charlotte froze on the staircase, her face turning pale. She felt her heart wrench.
“What are you two talking about?” she said coldly.

My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Chapter 1 – 5

My Ex-Husband Wants Me Back Chapter 6 – 11

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