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The Billionaire's Regret Novel pdf
The Billionaire's Regret Novel

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The Billionaire’s Regret Novel Synopsis

The Billionaire’s Regret Novel Victoria and Oscar

After a secret engagement with his long time lover; Victoria, Oscar had the nerve to publicly declare his love for his Childhood friend, Ingrid.
Not knowing Victoria was pregnant with his heir, he humiliated her and fired her from the company, leaving her homeless and helpless.

Five years later, their paths crossed again when Victoria rose to be a powerful woman in the business industry.
Not only did Oscar find himself feeling too attracted towards her, he also discovered she had a Five year old daughter who looked so much like him.
Do you know anything about your dad?
He asked the little girl who answered without hesitation, Mommy said he’s Dead.
Read the complete episode to find out more…

The Billionaire’s Regret Chapter 1 – 5

The Billionaire’s Regret Chapter 6 – 10

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