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The Heiress’ Return: Six Brothers at Her Beck and Call is a very interesting novel. It is undoubtedly one of the best novels you can find on this website and of course it is written in the English Language.

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The road was wet. It had been raining in Southdale for the whole day.
Wynter’s backpack was disdainfully thrown out of the gate by the family’s butler, Glen Clark.

“Ms. Quinnell, Mr. Yates will not come. Let me handle some things for him. Your biological parents are in the countryside, with the last name Quinnell.
The Yates family had mistakenly thought you were their daughter.
Now that Yvette has been found, we hope you will be sensible and stop contacting the Yates family,” Glen said.
Taking out a card, Glen continued, “This is ten thousand dollars. Mr. Yates asked me to give it to you as compensation.” 1

“I don’t need it.” Wynter didn’t even look at it. She lifted her black bag.
Glen looked at the girl in front of him with annoyance. Wynter didn’t even want the money.

Was she trying to act like she was well off?
Tsk. Wynter didn’t even consider whether the Yates family would still want her.
The Yates family had already found their biological daughter. She was just a poor village girl. She couldn’t climb up the social ladder.
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The Heiress’ Return Chapter 1-5

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