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Alpha Swap Novel PDF is a very interesting novel. It is one of the best novels on Akeosa. The Alpha Swap Novel PDF is in a portable format.

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Claire is an omega who wakes on her 18th birthday, to find that she is mated to her Alpha, Alpha Tereshan, who shares her birthday.
After taking her to his bed, he rejects her, telling her he needs someone stronger than an omega to stand by his side.
For the next year, he torments her, forcing her into constant close proximity with him.

On the night before her 19th birthday, Claire runs, needing to escape the constant torment of the one that was meant to love and treasure her.
However, when she wakes the next day, she is repeating her 18th birthday.
Only, she is no longer an omega. She is now living in the body of her Alpha.
Even her wolf, previously an omega, becomes an Alpha wolf.
Alpha Tereshan is a young Alpha that thinks that ruling through fear and strength is the only way to show others how powerful you are.
After spending a year fighting with his wolf about his mate, he wakes on what should be his 19th birthday, only to find himself in the body of an omega female, his wolf now an omega.

He will learn the truth about what life in his pack is really like for those that are weak and tormented.
He will have to stand by and watch while the woman he rejected, turns his pack around.
But what will happen when, after another year goes by, they swap places again?
Will Tereshan have learned the lessons Claire has taught him, or will he fall back into his old ways, rejecting her again?
Read the full story below to find out more.

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Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 77 – 81

Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 82 – 86

Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 87 – 91

Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 92 – 96

Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 97 – 101

Alpha Swap Novel Chapter 102 – 105

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