Caramel Plugg Podcast: 1st Episode Sparks Criticism

Caramel Plugg Podcast: Nigerian Musicians & Influencers Reacts

Popular social media influencer, skit maker, and recently, podcaster Caramel Plugg is currently facing backlash from musicians, influencers, and Nigerians in general for the first episode of her podcast. Here’s what we know.

On Valentine’s eve, a podcast video of Caramel Plugg whose real name is Ogechi Ukonu went viral. In the video, we see Caramel and two other hosts of The Rants Bants and Confessions Podcast expressing their opinions about men making financial provisions for women.

Caramel Plugg explicitly verbalized her thoughts on men ticking all of a woman’s monetary boxes. These efforts will undoubtedly earn men some ego-stroking and uncoerced submission. As well as keep the satisfied women’s eyes from wandering to other rich, emotionally supportive, and capable men.

Her fellow podcast hosts Maliya Michael and Lydia Oluwapelumi Balogun equally assented to this, dropping their two cents here and there. Alluding that submission comes naturally when women’s financial needs are met.

However, Nigerians didn’t take kindly to Caramel and her counterparts’ viewpoints. The main criticism of the podcast is the way it approaches discussions of gender roles and submission in relationships. Many listeners are accusing Caramel and her fellow hosts of perpetuating harmful stereotypes of men paying women to receive love, care, and submission.

Others have also called out caramel for centering on relationship advice since the year began. Deeming her unfit to give such guidance. Some Nigerians are bashing the podcast for making insensitive comments about hardworking men. These men provide for their women but can’t keep their women due to some financial constraints.

Nigerian Musicians And Influencers React To Caramel Plugg Podcast Saga

One of the people who spoke out against Caramel Plugg’s controversial podcast was Nigerian rapper, singer, and composer Daniel Tuotamuno Darius. Known by his stage name Dan Dizzy, the singer weighed in on the matter on Twitter. Urging Caramel to publicly acknowledge selling her body under the guise of being in relationships with financially stable men.

Popular afrobeats singer Daniel Benson who is also known by his stage name BNXN (or Buju) commented on the podcast via Snapchat. Stating that Caramel and her friends were dimwits and wondered who handed them microphones to start a podcast. He further attributed their behaviors to the men who encourage them by providing them with financial support. This greatly infuriated podcaster Lydia who went ahead to drag singer Buju through the mud in a lengthy post.

Tobechukwu Victor Okolie popularly known as Peruzzi has equally shared his thoughts. He believes that it’s expected for everyone to lack wisdom. But choosing to wield a microphone when you know you lack wisdom is a risky move. Ex-Big Brother Naija’s housemate Vee (Victoria Adeyele) equally encouraged Caramel and her fellow podcasters to continue podcasting at the expense of their mockery.

Controversy is not uncommon online in the world of social media, communication channels, etc. And podcasts are no exception. Podcast hosts have been known to share their thoughts and ideas on a wide range of topics. From opinions on relationships, politics, and religion to social issues.

However, when podcast hosts give their hot, biased takes on sensitive issues like relationships, they can receive significant backlash. Resulting in a loss of credibility and followers. Yet that is not the case for The Rants Bants and Confessions Podcast. As it seems to be thriving under all that fire.

As the fallout continues, we’re ready for a second episode!

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