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The Luna is Gone Novel
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The Luna is Gone is a heart-wrenching Werewolf novel featuring a headstrong and intelligent woman. Diana gave up everything for love, but Nathan took her for granted. Audiences applaud Diana’s courage to walk away from the abusive relationship. As an independent woman, she manages to survive and make a name for herself. on Akeosa you can read online or download for offline use.

The Luna Is Gone Novel Synopsis

“Diana, didn’t you see Alpha Isaac toasting you? Hurry up and take it.”
I looked at my alpha mate Nathan, begging with my eyes. I can’t drink more.
His eyes seemed to be so cold, that he didn’t care about what I felt at all. I had no choice and drank it with my eyes closed.
The stomach pain became severe. But that’s not the end. Isaac made me have 2 more glasses until I turned pale.
Isaac was satisfied with me being a docile woman, “If Zoe is too precious to you, alpha Nathan, what do you say about this Diana lady spending a beautiful night with me?”

And Nathan smirked at Isaac, “She is no fun, if you like a boring and dull puppet in bed, go ahead.”
I felt dizzy and vaguely heard people gossiping around me saying Nathan seriously didn’t care about his Luna at all as rumor said.
He was okay sending his own Luna to another man’s bed to save a maid.
But Nathan didn’t seem to notice that I can’t barely stand, and he was hugging Zoe out.
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Excerpt From Chapter 1

Diana’s pov
I sat on the side couch of the party hall, looking at my Alpha mate Nathan talking to other packs’
Nathan was so confident, so handsome, all the packs looked up to Dark Moon Pack as the best
ally and business partner.
And I was his useless Luna.
Nobody even wanted to talk to me because Nathan didn’t like me.
I took a sip of a cocktail, and suddenly heard wine glass breaking behind me.
I saw a beautiful maid apologizing to the man in panic, it was Zoe.
Her watery eyes were innocent, and her long hair spread on her back.

The Luna Is Gone Chapter 1 – 50

The Luna Is Gone Chapter 51 – 100

The Luna is Gone Chapter 101 – 132

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