Fated To The Alpha Novel

Fated To The Alpha novel cover shows two werewolves, a male and a female
Fated To The Alpha cover

Fated To The Alpha Novel is a werewolf novel by Jessica Hall. It is has been formatted into PDF for more reach. Meanwhile, the PDF format is to make it portable enough for readers to read on any environment. Be it a tablet, desktop or mobile phones. Subsequently, with a working and stable internet connection readers can read and download Fated To The Alpha Novel for free. Therfore, all chapters of this Fated To The Alpha Novel will be uploaded here regularly. So, make sure to check in.

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Therefore, to read Fated To The Alpha Novel online, you simply need to have a working internet connectivity. Then you can click on the novel and start reading online. But if you wish to download the novel, you can do so by downloading Fated To The Alpha Novel and read it offline. The author of this novel is Jessica Hall.

Synopsis of Fated To The Alpha Novel

From Chapter 1 of Fated To The Alpha Novel

Katya POV
Another day in this Sh*t hole of a school, I was in my last year of highschool and I was glad this part of my life was nearly over, soon I wouldn’t have to put up with the constant torment of being the freak of our Pack. I was planning only three more months of school to go and I was free, to choose never to see these arseholes again.

My father was the Beta of the Pack, he was a highly regarded pack member so imagine his disappointment when he discovered I had no wolf. I was the freak of the pack, the wolf-less girl. Our school was a pack school with only werewolves, no humans allowed, so you could imagine what hell it
has been for me here. I was basically human, shamefully so. My parents are the best though, my pack may shun me but not once have they even entertained the
idea, always telling me I was a late bloomer, that my wolf would come one day. I used to believe that story too, until now.

I was nearly 18 at the age you can find your mate and still without my wolf. Most get there wolf when they are 13, I was well and truly past that deadline.
I had just sat down to eat my lunch in the cafeteria when I heard my name called over the PA system. “Katya Hartley please report to the front office” The middle aged woman who works as the schools secretary announces.

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