Curses From Burna Boy Concert: “God Punish Una”

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Burna Boy concert-themed ‘Lagos Loves Damini’ shows him kicking a fan. Video footage has shown Burna Boy kicking a fan at his Lagos concert. This is the consecutive year Burna Boy is performing at his Lagos Loves Damini-themed show. The video also reveals the Grammy-winning musician yelling “God punish una“, a phrase in Pidgin English which meaning is “God punish you all” in literal English language.

Video footage from the Burna Boy concert

Burna still went on to see out his show, as fans didn’t react to cut the show shut abruptly. The self-proclaimed African Giant is a vocal figure who has never shied away from tapping into his very animated character.

Burna Boy Concert: ‘Lagos Loves Damini’ A Fan Kicking Show

Burna was clearly heard saying “God punish una” towards his own fans. At the Lagos Loves, Damini-themed concert videos also show Burna Boy kicking a fan. Burna Boy took a moment to curse his fans in an attempt to defend himself from the club Cubana shooting. An event that happened last year reportedly had Burna Boy in the midst of a controversial shooting of an unnamed person.

Fans have taken to Twitter to condemn this act, citing human rights abuse. They have also relatively compared Burna Boy’s Lagos Loves Damini concert to Wizkid’s Vibes On the Beach show. And more people wish Burna can take a leaf from Big Wiz’s book.

Burna Boy New Songs

Burna Boy’s new songs can mostly be found on his “Love, Damini” album. Other Burna Boy’s new songs are not much and the recent memorable one is his ‘Alone‘ song from the Black Panther Movie Soundtrack.

As we all Burna Boy’s ‘Last Last‘ song was Complex Music’s 5th best song of 2022. Same year which he dropped Love, Damini the album.

Love Damini, an 18-song album succeeded Burna Boy’s Grammy-winning TAT—Twice As Tall album. Although in terms of awards won and afrobeats stride made, Love, Damini has not achieved the same success TAT brought Burna.

All of Burna Boy’s new songs are basically in his Love, Damini album.

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