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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha
Her Cold-Hearted Alpha

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Novel is a werewolf novel, telling a story of Kiara Westwood who was the 18 year old daughter of two alpha parents. but she was born without one of the basic abilities of a wolf. Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Novel is one of the interesting novels we have on our site, you need a stable internet connection to read or download.

Once that is up and running you can then download it onto your device. Maybe a desktop, tablet, iPad, or even mobile phone.

Additionally it is one of the best werewolf novels in our e-library. Similarly, you can read and download all the chapters on Akeosa site for free.

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Novel Synopsis

It was the night of my 13th Birthday.
A day where I should have just chilled with my friends. We were going to go down by the canyon.
Have a bonfire. But something wasn’t right. I could feel it. I stayed in my room telling them I was feeling great.

My emotions were wreaking havoc within me. as if wanting an outlet from the confines of my body.

“Alejandro what’s wrong?”
my mom’s soft voice asked from outside the door.

“Just leave me alone, please.” Fear. I felt fear, something inside me was changing.
I gripped the window ledge staring up at the moon.
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Her Cold-Hearted Alpha Chapter 1 – 5

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha 6 – 30

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha 31 – 80

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha 81 – 120

Her Cold-Hearted Alpha 121 – 131

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