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Kidnapped and Rejected Novel
Kidnapped and Rejected Novel

Kidnapped and Rejected Novel PDF is a very interesting novel. It is one of the best novels on Akeosa. Kidnapped and Rejected Novel PDF is in a portable format.

Without a doubt, all you need to have to be able to read and download this novel is stable internet. Kidnapped and Rejected Novel PDF is formatted into PDF. So that you can download and read on your tablets or mobile phones or desktops

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Kidnapped and Rejected Janet and Daren Novel Synopsis
Kidnapped and Rejected – The Return of Alpha’s Luna

Daran, It’s me Janet She blurted out sobbing.
I’m kidnapped by a group of rogues, and they want a 100million heard what happened.
Daran’s voice was so cold that it almost sounded indifferent.
As thought, it was a stranger not his own wife who was kidnapped.
Daran asked aloofly, Is Harper safe now?
Janet’s heart sank.

I only married you because you are my mate, Daran said nonchalantly.
Now, it’s time to end this relationship.
Then Janet heard his voice saying: As the Alpha of Riverside Pack, I, Daran Albright, hereby Reject Janet Diaz as my mate.
This heart-wrenching episode will leave you gasping for breath, you’re about to unfold Daran and Janet’s Story, trust me, you won’t be disappointed as there are twist and turns in this story. In facts, you’re about to get your mind blown-off and blown-away titillatingly and you gonna like every bit of this story, enjoy the read!

Kidnapped and Rejected Chapter 1 – 5

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