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Love On The Fast Track Novel Synopsis

When they were kids, Derek saved Norah’s life.
Years later, after Derek ended up in a vegetative state from a car crash,
Norah married him without a second thought and even used her medical knowledge to heal him.
For two years, Norah was devoted, seeking his affection and looking to settle her life-saving debt.
But when Derek’s first love returned, Norah, faced with divorce, didn’t hesitate to sign.
Despite being labeled as forsaken, few knew of her true talents.

She was a race car driver, a famed designer, a genius hacker, and a renowned doctor.
Regretting his decision, Derek begged for her forgiveness.
Just then, a charming CEO intervened, embracing Norah and ring, “Back off! She’s my wife!”
Taken aback, Norah blurted out, “What did you say?”
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Love On The Fast Track Chapter 1 – 5

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 6 – 14

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 15 – 19

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 20 – 24

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 25 – 37

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 38 – 42

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