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The Rejected Goddess is a very interesting novel. It is undoubtedly one of the best novels you can find on this website and of course it is written in the English Language. This novel takes us through the life story of a Goddess who suffers rejection.

Moreover it is one of the best novels available on our e-library. You can either read online or download offline for convenience. It is available in PDF format for easy accessibility. This novel centers on the life of the The Rejected Goddess

It is a very nice novel visit this website for more updates on this mind blowing novel. You can download this novel as long as you have a stable internet connection on your device.

Then, you can navigate your way around this platform to read and download the PDFs for free. Furthermore, to simply download this novel you can use mobile phones, iPads, and even desktop computers.

Subsequently, new chapters  will be uploaded regularly for readers to come and read and download for sharing and offline reading. So, make sure to check in daily on Akeosa for more updates on this fantastic novel.


“I won’t ask again. Who are you?” Eric growls louder. Has he always been this stupid? I can’t help thinking to myself.
“What the hell are you?” Melanie asks me, stepping up beside Eric and placing her hand in his.
In the past this would have hurt me, but now I don’t feel anything at all.
“I am the Goddess of Justice and Revenge. Hello.” I say smirking at everyone as I release a small amount of my aura to make them submit.


Emma is not only rejected by her mate. The cause of this rejection? Her very own sister.
Emma was once a happy girl who wanted for nothing, she loved her brother and father dearly and worked hard to be useful to the pack and those around her.
But one day she is rejected by her mate, who sees her as worthless due to the manipulation of her very own sister.
Emma dies at the hands of her mate and sister, for no other reason than greed.
But to everyone’s surprise, including Emma’s, she is reborn as a goddess who fights for the rights of others.
Her job is to protect those who have been wronged, but who will protect her?

Who will fight for Emma? Who will put right the wrongs of her past as she does for others?
A new Alpha enters the fray; who is he to her?
How will Emma fare in the battle between the rogues and her own destiny?
Follow Emma on her journey to discover what happens to this reborn goddess.
Read the complete story to find out more, enjoy!

The Rejected Goddess Chapter 1-5

The Rejected Goddess Chapter 6-10

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