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Wizkid released More Love, Less Ego album through Starboy, Sony Music International, and RCA Records. That would be his fifth studio album. Wizkid’s More Love, Less Ego album was released on Nov. 11th, 2022, enough time has passed since then and a review and ratings are in order.

An album that consists of thirteen tracks with both local and international collaborations. More Love, Less Ego follows Wizkid’s critically acclaimed successful Made In Lagos album.

Wizkid’s More Love, Less Ego has achieved some success already since its release, charting in several countries’ music platforms like Apple Music and Spotify among many other DSPs. The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard World Albums chart, the second time any of his projects will achieve that feat.

Wizkid’s More Love, Less Ego album has been wildly praised for its duality and coherent subject matter ‘More Love, Less Ego’. The album has versatile sounds ranging from Party jams, and funky tunes for ladies, as well as slow tempo, sounds to connect deeply with the listeners.

More Love, Less Ego album tracklist
More Love, Less Ego tracklist.

Wizkid’s More Love, Less Ego boasts of features from UK-based rapper Skepta, Ayra Starr, Naira Marley, Skillibeng, Shenseea, and Don Toliver.

We dive right into the reviews and ratings of each song in this album. Akeosa is going to be reviewing and rating it from the least-rated to the highest-rated song from the More Love, Less Ego album. It is important to note that the maximum rating a song can receive is ten(10).

Money & Love

Money & Love is the first song on the tracklist but it was released as a single prior to the release of the album. More Love, Less Ego has only two released singles prior to its release. Money & Love was pretty average, one would think it would be more considering it was released as a single, a preamble before the main thing. The song didn’t really meet the hype for More Love, Less Ego which itself is a masterpiece. Money & Love earns itself a 5.0 rating.


Everyday is song number 5 in the tracklist. The message is sound and ideal but the beat and delivery were just on par. One would think the song can resonate like ‘Ojuelegba’ because the messages are alike. Everyday couldn’t do that and we can’t rank it among Wizkid’s best songs. Its rating is 5.2 and we are been generous.


To be honest we don’t think there’s really anything deep about Deep. The title suggested more but the content was not coherent as it didn’t bring true substance to the song. The rating is 5.5 deep.

Slip N Slide (feat. Skillibeng & Shenseea)

Slip N Slide is track number 6 according to the list. It is okay, we like it but Wizkid’s standard he could’ve always done more with this record. It appeared like the bulk junk of the work was done by the featured artists. Lest I forget ladies love it and so 6.0 rating for Slip N Slide.

Plenty Loving

Plenty Loving is a beautiful song, calm and catchy you can not imagine, go listen. It is vintage like classical Wizkid and it earned itself 6.5 ratings.


Pressure resides at number 10 on the tracklist. But it has earned a rather high position in this review. Pressure is a fantastic song and it deservedly earned its 7.0 rating.

Bad To Me

Bad To Me is that song that brings the party to life. It is evident with the viral TikTok videos circulating everywhere on social media. It is really a jam. Once it plays your body moves whether you know how to dance or not. This song was the first released single off More Love, Less Ego and it is rightly so. Bad To Me earned 7.5 ratings.

Special (feat. Don Toliver)

Special has lived up to its name. Truly special through its duality and cohesion. Two different artists with a background that varies came together to make a great record. A fine collaboration and worthy of the 7.9 rating. Special.

Wow (feat. Skepta & Naira Marley)

Wow is an emblem of the entire album More Love, Less Ego. It is simply a work of genius. A first-ever look at the way the album was rolled out. Skepta a UK-based artiste has always found a way to outshine Wizkid on a record. We do not know how he does it but the bottom line he always does. Naira Marley’s input can’t be understated on Wow as his hook was refreshing and catchy. Wow has earned itself 8.2 ratings.

Flower Pads

Flower Pads is one of the fans’ favorites and rightly so. It is such a well-produced song. The title is super creative and above a great record. Flower Pads is often jokingly considered the face of Afroknack( a rather funny and unofficial sub-genre of Afrobeats) with some fans disagreeing that there’s a song better feat for that title. Flower Pads would appreciate an 8.5 rating.


Without being told we know many fans are going to frown at this. Balance ranking above Flower Pads would always be a no for some. No review or rating would change anybody’s mind. But Balance is a gem of a song, and it deserves the positive and remarkable reviews it is getting. Balance has a rather excellent production and thus a 9.0 rating is awarded to it.

2 Sugar (feat. Ayra Starr)

Right now Ayra Starr is one of the best voices in the industry and its collaboration with Big Wiz was always going to be huge in terms of quality and acceptance. I personally believe it is the best song of the year 2022 and many would agree supported by the Apple Music live performance shortly before the album was released. 2 Sugar is a beautiful song and it deserves the 9.5 ratings awarded to it. Bravo Ayra.

Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)

This is peak music, funny how on the tracklist it was the last but many fans and media reviews have ordained it the undisputed number-one song off this album. Wizkid executed the song in the most extraordinary manner, with artistry in every sense. There’s no better rating than a 10. Frames (Who’s Gonna Know) can only be described with the best of adjectives. Pure Wizardry is one of those songs in Wizkid’s outstanding career that put him above the rest of afrobeat artists. Frames are art and should be kept in Louvré.

Stream the album here.

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