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Mystery of Fate: Luna Della’s Second Chance Novel is a fantastic werewolf novel. It is undoubtedly one of the best werewolf novels on our platform. Also, Mystery of Fate: Luna Della’s Second Chance Novel is in PDF format to enable readers to read easily.

Furthermore, the novel has a strong character in Kylian and Flora.

However, all you need to read or download Mystery of Fate Luna Della’s Second Chance is to have a stable internet connection. Therefore I will be uploading all the latest chapters here. So, make sure you check in regularly.


On their first anniversary, Della’s husband suddenly found his fated mate Flora, and Della found herself in a bind ever since.
She couldn’t give up her marriage and her chosen mate, even though Kylian’s family ignored and abused her because she was an omega.
The heartbreak was intense, but she couldn’t let it go until- Kylian asked her to take the blame for Flora, and questioned her in a hushed tone: “If it wasn’t for the money or Luna’s position, why on earth did you choose to stay after I found my fated mate?!”
Della’s heart was completely broken, and she chose true freedom.

She rejected her husband, returned to her home, and resumed her true identity- the Lycan King’s most favored daughter!
But who can tell her why Kylian started to hunt her like a different person after the rejection?
Can he make a firm choice between his fated mate and her this time?
When they see the other side of the moon goddess’ gift, and when Della’s fated mate shows up as well, where their destiny will lead them?
Therefore, read the chapters to find out more…

Excerpt From Chapter 1 Mystery of Fate: Luna Della’s Second Chance – by Jane E.L. (aka Juliet Swanson) and Miss EA.

Chapter 1
Della’s POV
I’m not my Alpha’s fated mate. He met her a year after he chose me to be his mate
and Luna, but I am still stuck in our marriage now three years after that.
Until today, I began to doubt my choice when my mother-in-law, the lauded Luna
Natasha ordered,
“Della, you will take the blame for Flora. This is an order.” She gazed upon me
disdainfully. Her eyes swept over my body as she furrowed her brow.
“You are the one responsible for the car accident, not Flora. Do I make myself
I stood limply at the entrance to a hospital ward, bracing myself against the
doorframe and practically hanging on for dear life. I had become so weak after the
accident that even the strength of both my arms wasn’t enough to keep me from
And yet, even with my health in such dire straits, I found Luna Natasha’s voice so
“Luna…” I stammered, my voice barely above a hoarse whisper. “What are you
talking about? I… I can’t do this… Why me? I can’t!”
Luna Natasha scowled at my meek protests. “Don’t bother trying to ask why! Don’t
you know that? If his fated mate is imprisoned or executed, Kylian will become
weak and I will never allow this to happen! Or you dare disobey me? The gall…”
“What? No! Of course not! I wouldn’t dare to disobey your orders, and I have
always respected you as my Luna. But… I wasn’t responsible for this. I can’t just
take the fall.”

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