The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel PDFs Downloads/Read Online

The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel
The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel

The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel is a werewolf novel in PDF, that is, portable format. It is one of the best novels in our e-library. Therefore, all you need to read and download this novel is to have a stable internet connection.

Then you visit Akeosa and either read The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel online or download it for offline purposes.

Subsequently, you can simply download it onto your iPads, tablets, or mobile phones for offline convenience. I will be uploading all the latest chapters, so make sure you visit regularly for all the updates.

The Alpha King and His Second Chance Novel Synopsis

My mom had just gotten through her speech about how we need to listen closely to her today and not leave her side,
much to my brother’s annoyance.
It was only a moment later when her eyes glazed over and her expression changed from commanding Luna to a fearful mother.
“Mom?” I asked.
“Run, we need to run!” She whisper-yelled to my brother and I. No sooner had she said it, fire began to spread through the pack.
Fear took over my body and I stood stunned in place trying to process what was happening.
My mother quickly picked me up and began to run with my brother following closely next to her.
Everything happened so fast. Seth took a sharp left turn, heading towards our border, undoubtedly where our father had gone off to.
I think my mom yelled at him. I was too distracted looking at our home going up in flames.
I felt her put me down and finally snapped out of it when she told me to run again.

“Head north and don’t look back!” She yelled, pushing me in the correct direction before she took off in the direction of Seth.
With a final longing stare, I took off, heading north as fast as my feet could carry me.
It wasn’t until I was about to cross our pack border that I saw a scary-looking man facing my direction.
He was enormous, much taller and bigger than a normal werewolf. Was he a Lycan?
The smoke was making it hard to breathe, my lungs begging for clean air. I didn’t know what to do but to keep running.

Sierra Wilson is not your average werewolf. When tragedy strikes, her life is turned upside down and everything seems hopeless.
That is until she meets Edward. None other than the Alpha Lycan King and her mate.
Will they be able to face their demons together or will fate have something else in store?
Read this fascinating episode, to discover more thanks..

The Alpha King and His Second Chance Chapter 1 – 5

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